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Live webcam at holiday caching event

Guest arffer

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A week from tomorrow is our Holiday Cache Event Do You Seek What I Seek.


If you can't come in person, make sure you drop by the cache details page between 4 and 11 PM CST. We will be changing the cache page just before the event starts to add a webcam to the page.


Those that stop by will be able to enter a holiday greeting and snap a picture of the event as it happens. As each picture is taken, your caching name and greeting will be added to the cache page to be seen by the next person to visit the page.


When you leave a greeting and take a picture, a speech synthesizer will announce your greeting at the party so we will all know you dropped by.


There will also be a button that will display all of the greetings that have been left by others.



Team CacheCows of Wisconsin

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