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Filtering a list of caches from the map view

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Typically when I go on holidays, I create a list of caches of the area I'll be visiting. My preference filters have already been applied then. 

Still, this would often result in a list containing hundreds of caches in a 16km radius.

This year, going to an area where a 16km direct line may end up in a 50+ km drive (lots of water), I'd like to filter this list using the map view.

My idea: show all caches in the list on the map, then either draw an area 9rect, free-style, ...) or click/ctrl-click to select a number of caches I

would then like to remove from the list. 


Anyone have any idea if anything like this is possible? 

Using the geocaching.com I seem to be only able to do that manually 1-by-1 (hover-check name-find in list-select-delete) which may be a lot of work ...

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