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  1. well, that may be true for a TB you have in your hands.. but what about a TB that you (originally) dropped, and want to follow? After it's taken by some other cacher, it's no longer available in your inventory. As mentioned in another post, the Geeoh app would be able to do this, but I think it should be in the standard app. If I register a TB, I should have the option to keep it in my inventory! Or any other TB for that matter. Could this generate lots and lots of (move) notifications ... maybe yes, but that would be up to me right ..
  2. hmm, never saw that answer coming in ... I did not now the Geooh app. Just did some browsing. Looks to be a great app and it would indeed answer the challenge of tracking my bugs, but afaict Geooh would not be able (yet) to work with an offline map such as OSM. I use that mostly due to the limited detail in maps like GoogleMaps. That icw the app being a (yearly?) paid one, is just a bit too much.
  3. Typically when I go on holidays, I create a list of caches of the area I'll be visiting. My preference filters have already been applied then. Still, this would often result in a list containing hundreds of caches in a 16km radius. This year, going to an area where a 16km direct line may end up in a 50+ km drive (lots of water), I'd like to filter this list using the map view. My idea: show all caches in the list on the map, then either draw an area 9rect, free-style, ...) or click/ctrl-click to select a number of caches I would then like to remove from the list. Anyone have any idea if anything like this is possible? Using the geocaching.com I seem to be only able to do that manually 1-by-1 (hover-check name-find in list-select-delete) which may be a lot of work ...
  4. After grabbing and dropping other people's travelbugs for a while we finally decided to get some of our own bugs. Now personally I would be extremely interested in an app in which I can 'track' the movement of my bugs. Such an app could be standalone or integrated as feature in the geocaching app. Preferably I can define for which actions (drop, grab, visit) I am getting a notification. Hoping some aap programmer out there sees the challenge.. :-)
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