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Promoting Event Caches

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I'm hosting my first event cache, a long delayed community celebration event.  I read everything I can find about hosting events, and community celebration events, and have gotten the event up and running.  Now I'm getting nervous that no one will attend.  It's been posted a week and I do have some probably and maybe will attend if I can sort of responses.  Now to me, this is a big deal and I'm going all out on the purchase of hot dogs, charcoal, plates, buns, prizes and etc.  I am really hoping to have some fun!  It's central in our state, and outdoors in a free location, on a Saturday.  No pavillion available, so I'm praying for good weather, but I do have a rain date too.   My question is this:  is there anywhere I am permitted to promote the event?  I see there are restrictions on promoting events.  I just wonder if they may be mentioned in state forums, facebook pages, or the like?  Thanks for your input!

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I don't know about the state forums, but local FB pages are probably a good idea.


I know this may sound a bit 'spammy' but for my events (ah, so long ago!), I've gone through the contacts in the Message Center, and sent out a light-hearted reminder.




(I own a number of puzzle caches, so I do get messages from quite a few cachers - I must have over 300 contacts in the MC.  I didn't send invites to them all!)


Good luck with the event.  Looking forward to the day when we can have them in the UK again!


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