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help with "Your Name Here"

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We have threads for ISS Sightings and Where's In A Name. Does anyone need/want help with Your Name Here?


I know I have a pretty easy time with my first name (Lee), and have found 2 streets with my last name (Donlon) (only one with a picture, so far.) I have not found a sign with Vulture on it so far, so I'd be interested if anyone can help with that.


Here in OKC we have a couple businesses with the name Maupin, and I am working on getting the pictures for @pmaupin. I would be happy to research for anyone else having a tough time.

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6 hours ago, Master Mariner said:

We have a George & Vulture pub in London but as I am unfamiliar with the category I don't know if it is acceptable.

that should do. If you could email me a picture of the sign, and another of the pub front. And why don't you have a pint for me in remembrance of my 3 years in Bedfordshirel

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