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Anyone in KY want to help me with this one?


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I was searching through the locationless caches and came across Where's In A Name? which states "Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to persuade another Geocacher to get out there and take a photo of his GPS (with the coords clearly visible) at ANY coord. (choice is his/hers) that intersects with the coord. you created from your username above. A photo of the surrounding area would be nice as well!"


Using the first 7 letters of my username I get the coordinates of W 84 43.737 which goes through KY.


Anyone wish to help?


With my GPS in hand, and upon my trusty steed (er, truck) I scout the land in search of the mystical Geocache!

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The usual locationless rules are that you can only claim one find, even if you find 2 completely different qualifying spots. However, with this being a 2 person effort, can you get a find as a helper and as an instigator?


I'm doing one for someone as Helper and would love to do one based on our name too.


Greg, AKA Poppy Bear


The Li'l Bears icon_rolleyes.gificon_rolleyes.gif from Lexington, KY


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