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Redirector to GC app not consistent

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This may have started with an Apple update on my iphone 11.  I am currently on 14.1. Could have been a few versions ago. Previous to that, when viewing a cache page on Safari, above the page there was an option (button link) to redirect to the official GC app.  Currently that “button” no longer appears when viewing a cache page, causing me to have to manually type in the GC code to search for it in the app. 
Curiously, though, if I navigate to the Message Center within Safari (by clicking the envelope icon), the button appears and clicking it opens to the Message Center on the app. I am providing pictures of pages with and without the “button” here. 
Additionally, when viewing a Geocaching.com page from Facebook,  there is no option, when clicking on the ellipses (...) at the top of the page, that says “Open in Geocaching” (similar to “Open in Safari” or “Open in YouTube”). Picture also provided. 
Thanks for your help. 




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I find it annoying that from Mail or Gmail, the links open in the geocaching app, not Safari, as have it set in settings. I may uninstall the geocaching app for this reason alone as I use Cachly. No other app I have installed does this. 

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