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Attaching image in Draft mode is broken

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(Duplicate of an issue in iOS forum)


Yesterday and today, I attached an image to a draft, intending to upload and complete my log later at home.  The draft was there, but there was no image attached, even though it showed in the draft when I created it.  I had to remember which photo I wanted to attach to that log and go find it in my dowloads from the photos of the day.


My typical workflow:  Log a draft on the phone app while at the cache site, after signing the log, quick timestamp, notes I want to expand on, etc.  Attach photo if desired...save draft and on to the next cache.

At home: Log in to Geocaching.com on my laptop, go to my Dashboard, scroll down to Drafts, open the first one to log, and write my full log.  The photo I had attached (normally there, already attached) is missing.  This seems to happen if I use "take photo" or "select photo" - it doesn't matter.  If I want the photo to appear with my log I need to reattach it, then upload my log.

Once I have completed that, it takes me to the cache page with a button at the top that is a link to "Return to Drafts", where I can then move on to the next draft awaiting completion.


Android 10

Google Pixel

Geocaching app v 8.32.0

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me too, I just discovered in the gallery when a CO pointed out that the image did not work on its cache. Funny mistake to discover a week later, that none of the pictures work from that day.

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