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[2 FEATURES] (1) Dashboard (2) Stat Map

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Sometimes I find my GPS cache count doesn't always match the geocaching website, so maybe for those of you who like to reconcile the difference, here are a couple of features (tools), I'd like to see:

FEATURE 1:  On the old Dashboard page, Your Logs section (including all logs) add the capability to sort by found date and location (implement on new Dashboard? There is some capability on the new Dashboard when you click on "view all" of Recently Viewed.  You can sort by found date but it doesn't include all caches).

FEATURE 2:  On the Statistics page in the Map tab have the ability to click on on a state (or country maybe?) and a sortable list of found caches for that state appears


It seems like a good feature to me and, hopefully, it'll get adopted.  I apologize if this capability exists, but I couldn't find it anywhere.  If it does, please let me know!



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2Abendsegler, thanks for your reply and that's exactly the function!  Even though I'm script-challenged, I was able to successfully install your GC  Little Helper II and use it successfully!  So awesome!  However, for the non-script proficient geocachers like me, I believe geocaching.com should build that capability in.  My thought....

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4 hours ago, wrench0613 said:

I believe geocaching.com should build that capability in


Yes, like so many other features!

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