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Nearby buildings in style of churches

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Am I right in thinking that there is a German word that covers either of these two situations?


1 A building nearby a church is built in the same architectural style


2 A photograph of a building that is in the same architectural style as a nearby church.


I seem to remember a waymark posted a few years ago described this scenario. I thought that the category was Historic Transformer Sub-Stations Buildings, but I have searched through the waymarks in this category but can't find anything.


Maybe I came across this idea outside of Waymarking, but I'm sure I saw it on this site.


Any information or ideas would be welcome.






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I don't think there is a word for either situation. However, German is quite permissive when it comes to creating new words by concatenating existing ones for clarification of such situations. But this would be a very loong and complicated word, way beyond the everyday use of that language feature.


But you mentioned transformer sub-stations and that sort of rang a bell. Maybe I am on the totally wrong track, but there is a website that uses a strange word for photos of transformer towers (their usual shape in continental Europe) and nearby church towers. It has no architectural meaning at all and will hardly be understood by anyone else than the few dozen users of www.trafoturm.eu. (which has been discontinued in 2016, but is still on-line)


The word is: Klerikalelektrik.

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Thanks for your speedy and perfect reply, you have found exactly what I had read about.

Although the website seems to have been set up as a joke, it did become popular and lots of people posted pictures of European transformers. They are more 'artistic' than those generally found in the UK. The older UK ones are sometimes interesting if you're into the history of urban architecture but they tend to be much simpler in design and usually not in the shape of a tower.


The website does also have the more specific subject of Klerikalelektrik, which came about when photographer Richard Molke  noticed a similarity between transformer towers and church towers and started a trend of taking photographs with both objects in the same scene.


He also linked the two objects in other ways as described on this web page - http://www.trafoturm.eu/kunst/fotokunst/klerikalelektrik/#doppelspitze


I then did a waymark search for the word Klerikalelektrik and found the following waymark posted by Iris and Harry https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wmTKFV_Trafotower_near_the_road_Altenthann_Bavaria_Germany


It's amazing what you come across in this great hobby of ours.


The nearest example I have found in the UK is these two nearby structures which are on opposite sides of the road and so unfortunately can't be taken in one photo.




Although not obvious from the pictures both structures are built using the same bricks and the (unusual) transformer tower has a tall glass window (although it is opaque rather than stained glass).


Once again thank you f167, your memory is obviously much better than mine.





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