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Can't delete geocaches from list

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I have a list of Jasmer caches that I can not delete from.  



1) Sort list by "Placed On"
1) Select cache or caches (I've tried 1 and multiple)
2) Click "Delete From List"
3) Click "Yes, Delete Geocaches" from confirmation dialog
4) Dialog disappears and the cache(s) are not removed from the list

Browser's tried
Chrome OS, Chrome
Windows 10, Chrome, Edge


bug1.png Select this geocache





Click Delete from List


bug3.png The geocache is still present and I still have 52 caches in the list.

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I just noticed things are more strange with the lists.
If you sort the caches by "Geocache name", the list contains different entries than if you sort the list by "Placed on" date.



If you sort by Geocache Name, Yellow River does not show up in the results.








If you sort by "Place On", then Yellow River shows up in the results.

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Even more perplexing...

I found 2 geocaches on my jasmer list today.  11/2002 and 05/2008
After reporting this bug trying to delete the caches from 11/2002... 
I just went into this list and selected all of the caches from 05/2008 and was able to successfully delete them, bringing my list total down to 44.
However, I still cannot seem to delete any of the caches off of the list from 11/2002

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Just an update.  After more playing around with the list, the issue seems to have gone away and now my lists that appear when sorting by "Geocache Name" and my lists that appear by sorting by "Placed On" look the same.  I'm not sure if there was some kind of errant browser caching going on, but it was very confusing.

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I also have problems with the lists. I just deleted some caches from a list and wanted to delete more. The list statistics says 1/83 means one was found, but the list does not display the smiley for found caches. And it goes more strange... A cache which I have just deleted from list appears again when sorting by distance and disappears when sorting by name again...

There is something horribly wrong with lists! I cannot trust it anymore! Very bad thing!

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Today I had the same problem again, but it took less a minute until its gone. Local time for the server was approx. 2am. At that time the server load should be low. Thus, I believe, that it is a synchronization problem between multiple databases and the secondary database catches up more quick with low load.

I don't know the architecture of the system, but the effect is quite clear.

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