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Now when you in Geocaching.com may have some extra time and a lot of new geocachers (well at least in my country) I suggest that you finally do some minor improvements to the Geocaching app. Like these:

  1. Add the name of the cache to the navigation view. Especially on trails it is easy to get confused what is the actual cache that you are working with at the moment. Skipping back and forth to cache details is clumsy.
  2. The old Geocaching pro app had a feature to mark any position on the map and set that position later as your destination (if I recall right!). That would be very good to have nowadays too. It is a safety feature. E.g. when you leave your car to some remote location and walk a long way in pathless forest for the cache this feature would make it much easier to backtrack to the car without getting lost.
  3. Enable data refresh feature to map view and cache detail view. Refreshing is possible nowadays too but not easily. You need this feature especially if you update the coordinates on fly to geocaching.com which is often necessary with other than trad caches. App don’t acknowledge the change until you somehow manage to refresh the data.
  4. Fix finally the bug which makes the app stubbornly indicate that you have new souvenirs even you don’t! Checking the souvenirs removes the dot indicator but it appears again within one hour. Me and many others have complained about this many months, maybe years. You even managed to fix my account temporarily until the bug appeared again after some months.


Besides these minor improvements there are bigger hopes too but here I present only one. In my country (Finland) large part of geocachers don’t use Geocaching app due the single reason that it does not support the best local map, so called MML map. Geocaching.com supports MML for all Finnish geocaches (map option Karttapaikka.fi topographic map). This map is possible to load to several 3rd party applications like c:Geo, GCDroid and Locus on Android side and even to Cachly on iOS side but not to official app. MML map is much more comprehensive than any other map especially outside most southern parts of Finland. If you would publish specifications how to add external maps to Geocaching app I am sure that local geocachers would implement it quickly. Probably same applies to many other countries too. This would surely enable for Geocaching.com to raise the price of the app too! Think about that!


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