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Creating cache: page freezing in Chrome

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Yesterday I created a new mystery cache in the Chrome web browser.
Nothing out of the ordinary. Some text and an image.
Followed the usual workflow.
Just as I was about ready to submit it for review I saw some last details I wanted to change.
I clicked the "Edit page" button and nothing happened. Only saw "waiting for response from..." in the bottom left of the page.
A few seconds later I got a pop up stating that the page wasn't loading and asked if I wanted to wait or close the page.
I tried waiting a few times, but the pop up reappeared each time, so I closed the page.
Opened Geocaching.com in a different window, went to my profile, clicked on the "Unpublished caches" link and then on the link to this mystery I was trying to make.
It all worked fine up until the point that the page loaded my new mystery cache.
The page looked fine and complete... I just couldn't click any of the hyperlinks.
Not long after I got the pop up message again.

I tried opening the same page in Firefox and there it worked fine. I even managed to send it in for review.
Today I tried opening the page in Chrome on a different computer... and the same problem occurred. Firefox and MS Edge worked fine.
The rest of the Geocaching.com site works fine on Chrome. 

The cache just got published.
I tried opening it via the link in the mail from the reviewer.
It opens and loads in Chrome... but the moment I click on something, it freezes again.
No problems in other web browsers.

Any ideas? Something with cookies or so?  

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