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Trouble finding compass app for Samsung

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I have been having trouble finding a compass app for my Android phone. It is a basic model, J5, and has no suitable sensors for any of the apps I have tried downloading. I was hoping to use the phone for geocaching when overseas next year, but the Groundspeak geocaching app asks for a compass, otherwise I am stuck with just a map. Is there a basic compass app that I can download that will work with the geocaching app? Android version is 6.0.1.

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The message from the Groundspeak app is not referring to a compass app. It is referring to a hardware sensor, an electronic compass. If you phone doesn't have one, then it doesn't have one. You can't download an app, because it is hardware, not an app.

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Uh hold on... Just because the Groundspeak app requires a compass, doesn't mean you need a hardware compass to actually find caches.  Ask anybody using an older Garmin, or a newer Garmin but who keeps the compass turned off to save battery.


There are other caching apps for Android, officially approved partner apps, and I'm sure at least some of them don't insist on a hardware compass.  The one I use (Locus) doesn't insist.  (Compass screen will be wonky without one, but there's another indicator for direction-to-cache-vs-your-movement, on the main map screen.)

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