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Mystery creating bugs in Geo App?

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Hi Team,

So this afternoon, I joined the mystery detective game.

Then heaps of the Geocache locations, including mine that I hid, those that have been found and dnf's disappeared from my map.  There was only very few GCs I could see on my app map.  This was after I joined the mystery game.

I checked my membership and I'm still premium til November.

So I logged out and back in and a couple more GCs appeared on my app map. (My hide hide, some finds and dnfs still missing).  So better but still not normal.

Then I updated the mystery game level 2 and selected the clues to find.

Checked my app map again and once again, more GC locations have appeared on my map but not all of them.


So is this a feature of the game and I'm not understanding it correctly, or is the mystery game causing a bug in the app map?


Thanks for your time.

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Nevermind I figured it out.

The Mystery Game does filter the GCs on the app map.  Seems all GCs have been designated or not into different levels and clues.  Depending on ehat clues are needed and level we are on, it filters out certian GCs.

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