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2 hours ago, Hide-A-Man said:

I recently learned about benchmarking as part of a multi-cache in my area and I'm wondering if anyone has an app that they use for Android phones. Any suggestions for  searching on the go?


For ease of managing waypoints only, something like Spyglass might do.  If you want the whole shebang, Locus Maps can show maps and everything offline.  Or search for “GPS” in the App Store.

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BenchMap was made for Benchmark hunters. You can use any app that can support GPX files if you wish.

Right now, due to changes on the NGS servers (combined WITH changes in the Android SDK), my app MAY have issues loading up datasheets. I'm currently working on a fix, and hope to have an update posted soon!

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On 6/28/2019 at 7:54 PM, foxtrot_xray said:

I'm currently working on a fix, and hope to have an update posted soon!

Thank you so much! I'm up in Grand Teton NP visiting my boyfriend and we went up to Yellowstone for the last 2 days but it was more of a sightseeing thing than anything else. Found some BMs by accident along the way and was hoping to verify. App wasn't working consistently even with strong signal, but I'm just thankful there IS and app for this. Hopefully I'll be able to find some verifiable ones before I leave the 16th. I haven't been giving it much of a try in my hometown of College Station, TX, but I think I'm going to integrate it more along with my caching. Thanks again!

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No problem!
About a month ago, the NGS realized that one of their servers was taking longer than usual to process datasheets.

Last night I released an update - so that in the future, slow server times won't cause a failure to load a datasheet. It also:
* Fixes the USGS Topographic Maps,
* Adds USGS "USTopo" maps.
* Fixes several crashes.

There's an issue with font color in a couple screens, working on that now.

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Just an update, in case there are some map geeks out there.
Yesterday I pushed v2.4.0, and the biggest thing it has is NOAA Nautical Maritime maps. For those that like to find stations out in harbors and along coastlines, you can enable this map layer (sorry, does require Pro upgrade) and see which buoys and piers have stations on them.

Sorry to those in the midwest. Without water, this feature is.. well, kind of useless. Unless you're arm-chair benchmarking. :)

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