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Urwigo: How do I use undocumented properties and pass parameters to functions?

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I can't figure out how to use undocumented properties

b = zoneFinal.CurrentBearing

and how do I incorporate my own functions and pass parameters to them?

var_direction = getDirection(b)

If I create a function using the gui, the only available method appears to be 'call'. I can't see how to specify parameters
If I paste in the lua code in a run lua code action nothing seems to happen


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I don't know.


I'm sorry if I look silly answering that but, since you wondered in another thread why nobody replied, I wanted you to know that I care. I bet  I'm not the only one.


In Earwigo, there is a place where you can type your own code. I believed it was the same with Urwigo but if it was the case you'd find it already,wouldn't you?

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It's possible to type my own code in Urwigo but I can't see how to pass parameters to the functions.
If it relies on using global variables it would force pretty poor code style.

Both these issues were REALLY EASY to do in the Groundspeak Builder . Yes, the one which everyone says is useless :(

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I probably don't understand your question but the answer is: to pass parameters to a function, write them between parentheses following the function name, separated by commas.

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Forgot one word.

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