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Not hidden messages disappear after some time in message center?

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Usually I hide all messages (in message center) which are not relevant for me anymore. Therfore until around christmas I had only three messages. But now if I have a look into the message center all messages are "gone"!


Only when disabling the option "Show hidden" I can see these three messages (together with all the other millions of messages I do not need anymore).

But when I use the "three dots button" right to the owner name of the message (for one of these three messages), I still get the option "Hide"! For all other messages, only "Unhide" is displayed.


For my understanding this is a bug of the message center (or a undocumented feature for messages older than x days?).

Is it possible to fix this?


PS: I think currently the only workaround is to send these three owners again a message...

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