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List not updating correctly in app

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I created a short list of caches (6) to check on when visiting family over the holidays.  I was able to pull up the list on my iPhone and use it to find 3 of the caches.  When I got home, I used my computer to delete the caches I had found from the list.  When I checked the list later on my iPhone, the caches I had deleted from the list were still showing up.  The phone said there were 3 caches on the list in the header, but all 6 caches were showing up.  I tried updating the list on the phone, but the caches still showed up.  I have to manually remove them from the list on the phone, which does work, but it responds with the message "This geocache has already been removed."  It also incorrectly updates the number of caches on the list, but that is corrected when I update the list on the phone.  I appreciate creating lists on the computer for use on my phone when I'm out, but I wish they updated correctly.

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