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Wherigo cache with two different final locations

manu luq

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I like to do Wherigo caches, I am currently planning my Wherigo cache number forty three.

In this new Wherigo, at the beginning you can choose to go by the easy and short way or by the difficult and long way.


I have a question, I would like to make two endings, one for the short way and the other for the long way, that is to say two different containers, each one in a different location.


According to the current geocaching rules, I come to the conclusion that it's not possible to create two different endings at this time for a Wherigo cache.

I think this option enriches and makes the Wherigo cache more flexible.

Is it possible to implement this possibility in the future?




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On 11/11/2018 at 8:58 AM, Tungstène said:

You already can achieve what you're trying to do. You'll have to create two Wherigo cache listings. Both can point to the same cartridge.

I already have seen that online.

For example, giving a different code in each listing and that the cartridge asks for the code, to arrive at one of the coordinates or to the others?

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It could be a solution, yes.


I was thinking about something else, though: depending on the way you're playing the Wherigo cartridge, it could give you a set of coordinates or another.


I know of a few caches working this way. Look at GC5G596 and GC5G597, for example. They both use the same cartridge. The coordinates you obtain depend on your game's "score".

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