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Responsible player protocol: fixing caches

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On 11/29/2018 at 7:43 PM, Touchstone said:


From  one of your older caches, which sounds like a textbook "throwdown" to me:




Sure hope you remembered to thank them.



If you could point out the GC number of the cache you are referring to, it would be very helpful.  Just this year, there was an older missing cache, and I contacted the Cache Owner who gave me permission to replace it and I spent about $30.00 to buy an ammo can, TOTT's to put in the cache, and a water proof log book.  Sometimes I forget to add, in my log, that the cache owner gave me permission to replace it.  But I do admit, on the RAREST of occasions, if a really old cache is missing and if the Cache Owner has not logged into Geocaching.com for YEARS, I have replaced the cache because OLD CACHES have a special place in my heart.  I really want to keep the CLASSICS alive, we lose more and more every day.  Having discovered Geocaching in 2001 and joining in 2002, this old man likes to try and keep old caches alive.  Also, I have done a "throwdown" while contacting the owner, and the owner did not want it so I deleted my log, no problem, and went back to remove my replacement.  Later, the CO had to replace it themselves, which is great.  I am not perfect, I hedge now and then, but I do try and keep in mind how I like to be treated and thus treat other's similarly.

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