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Map Over Pro - New Android App with Custom Overlays

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I wrote an Android app to help with my geocaching. It overlays custom maps over live maps from Google.


My geocaching often took me to local conservation areas. I would find myself navigating with a GPS app in one hand and the local trail map in my other hand. I thought "there ought to be a way to overlay this trail map onto the GPS". I found a few apps that almost did what I wanted but they all had some shortcoming. So, I created Map Over Pro. 


Map Over Pro takes a trail map image or PDF and by "pins" it to the GPS map by picking two matching points on the map and image. This let me track where I was on the trail map while hiking. Next, I wanted to see the geocaches on the map, so I added the ability to import geos or pocket queries (GPX files). Finally, I added a compass, so I could navigate to a waypoint.


I've used it for a few months now and it's proven to be useful, so I figured I'd share with the community. Search for "Map Over Pro" on the Google Play Store (it's free).

Map Over Pro on Google Play Store


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