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I've tried that a couple of different ways, and much prefer the laptop.  So I lug it along when I can.  And I bought that laptop with the intention of it being my primary desktop PC (it's big and heavy). ^_^


There are threads around here all about loading a GPS from a tablet.  One promising way is by using a "portable USB wifi router", one that can connect by wifi to a hotspot (in the case of no phone data subscription or no service) and simultaneously connect to the iPad via wifi.  Then use a file manager to move files around. 


I've also considered a $100 Windows tablet PCs that could open the web site and download a GPX file (even unzip a Pocket Query).  Kind of like the laptop idea, but pocket-sized.  I don't know if one of those would have the capability to do all of the stuff it would need to do, especially the web browser.


Cordless can work.  Cords, not so much, because the iPad is so restrictive on what you may move.


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Mám Problém stahovat kešky z PC dělat Garminu Oregon 600 Pro Widows 10.Jak mám postupovat.Vím, ZE JE nový systém GPX Že k JDE, aby vim, Jenom nevím deset Postup na PC.Samozřejmně propojím kabelem GPesku.Děkuji HRUNDIK

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