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Primary Traverse Station?

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About an hour west of me there is (or was - it hasn't been recovered since 1963) a marker called "Prim Trav Sta 6"  (PID is MD0195 and it's in Paulding County OH), which I'm reading to be "Primary Traverse Station #6"  with the number "6"  present, I'd guess there's also a 1 through 5?  If so, how could I find them using the NGS Data explorer?

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The marker you found is one of many set by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in support of their great effort to create the national series of topographic maps.  While the positions and heights they determined for these and their other marks were good enough to support that effort, they were seldom of the quality required by the U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey (USG&GS), now the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) to be a part of the foundation horizontal and vertical national datums.  The vast majority of USGS marks in the NGS database and listed for Benchmarking are individual marks that were observed by USC&GS/NGS as part of their later field efforts.  So while PTS 1-5 and likely 7-?? were set only this particular mark was later observed to the highest national standards.  Information on the other marks can be obtained by contacting the USGS field office in Rolla, Missouri.

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Hope that you can gather in all these reference objects.  MEL

 KZ2124| PID    Reference Object                     Distance      Geod. Az  |
 KZ2124|                                                           dddmmss.s |
 KZ2124| KZ2123 PTS 3 USGS 1943                      53.826 METERS 08023     |
 KZ2124| CE7533 WHITIE AZ MK                                       0870614.8 |
 KZ2124| CE7534 WHITIE RM 1                          36.383 METERS 30059     |








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