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Cache name character limit

Perfect Tommy

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I am planning a series of cache hides with tautograms for the titles.  I've been able to string 8 or 9 words together into a coherent sentence (not easy to do using I, J, Q, U, X and Z) but realized that there is likely a character limit for cache names.  I've done some searching but can't find any info on the character limit.  Does anyone know what the limit is, and does punctuation and/or a space count as a character (I assume yes but would appreciate some confirmation)?

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Remember that not all GPSrs support as many characters as the site supports. Keep that in mind if there's some reason for people to be able to see the entire name in the field. One example problem is series caches that all start with the same text. The number at the end of the long common intro string gets truncated on my PN-60, so I can't tell what order the series is supposed to be in.

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