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I want people to be able to use an emulator

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I built a 115 Wherigo geoart and I am looking for suggestions and explanations of how I can suggest a user to use an emulator to play all the carts.


The carts I built are play anywhere where I ask simple questions and if the answer is correct, the coordinates get put into their inventory.


I expect that it will be easier for the user to use an emulator than their device so that they can COPY & PASTE the coordinates into their gc.com account.


It will be one extra measure to assure that they did not transcribe the wrong coordinates.


So... Which program/emulator would be the best suggestion?




(I tried opening a GPX file in Urwigo and couldn't figure out how to do it.)

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You can just suggest using an emulator on the cache page. Reviewers are not supposed to publish your Wherigo geocache if you mention something not Groundspeak-made by name. Some reviewers do. 


I’d suggest Webwigo because you don’t have to install anything and it works in the browser. The Wherigo Foundation site even allows people to launch the cartridge in that emulator without having to download anything. 

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The webwigo sounds really promising.  So I gave it a try with not the best results. 

The cart opens, the task list appears. 

I click on the tasks, all 10 tasks appear. 

Problem is when I click on an individual task- it just brings up the graphic and name, BUT the question text and options aren't appearing. 

Just a "Ok" button that just takes me back to the task list. 

The urwigo program works, but then everyone would have to download a program which I guess is fine. 

Thanks for your response. 

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The click event for tasks isn't supported in all players.  That's why nothing happens.  You might want to use items for this.


It's tricky keeping the Wherigo specification in sync with all player and emulator applications.  Even I forgot if the click event is officially supported or not.  We're using the original Pocket PC and Garmin Colorado Wherigo Player apps as a reference for what's official or not.  If the event was there in Groundspeak's builder and not supported in any of the player apps, do we support the event or not?  If we support it--especially in an emulator--that would lead Wherigo authors to believe it works in all player apps.

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