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A couple of bench marks I've found

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I am completely ignorant on bench marking but I took pictures of two that I've stumbled upon and thought folks in this forum might be interested in.


The first one is outside of Superior, Arizona along a road that parallels US 60.


The second is along the Denali Highway in Alaska and is not listed in the NGS Datasheet marker database.


I hope these are useful in some way!


Bonnie (Gal in AZ)


IMG_6894 2mp.JPG

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Here's the gps coordinates on the Arizona one 33.2857889,-111.1818306


And here's the Alaskan one 33.2857889,-111.1818306

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The first one is a land survey corner.  Some of those have also been measured for precise lat/lon and/or elevation, but that is a secondary usage and it isn't surprising if those don't show up at NGS.


The second one I would expect to be listed since it is a CGS disk, the predecessor name of NGS.


You gave the same cords for both.

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