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Bug: Invalid bookmark link on cache page

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When looking at this cache page https://coord.info/GC2G6DX

the My Bookmark Lists box says it's on list "DT Grid 7", clicking the link for that list takes me to this URL:


That page states:
"The bookmark list you are trying to view has been deleted."

"DT Grid 7" is a list that I created some time ago, but I deleted and re-created it. The correct URL for this list is now:

Shouldn't all links to the original, obsolete, list have been automatically removed from cache pages? As things stand there is no way I can remove that cache from the obsolete list.


FWIW I believe there may be other caches with links to this same list, but I can't verify that for certain.

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YooHoo, Lazarus here.

I know it's only been a year and a half but any prospect of anything being done on this?

I did also log it via the help centre at the time and heard nothing back from that either.



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