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1 hour ago, Meredith66 said:

I'm going to be doing a "Peace Sign" image that I found on my map....but I'm asking if anyone else does design images...I would love to know where you are here in Florida. I love these designs and I want more of them....or pls tell me how I can find these

Link for reference (although I'm sure it's not complete by any means):


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In the Ocala national forest to your north, there are 4 geoart series. I recommend the Coexist - it's traditional caches at the coords. https://www.geocaching.com/map/default.aspx?lat=29.09523&lng=-81.75145#?ll=29.097958,-81.828612&z=12

A lot of fun slamming into the vegetation.

Also in the ONF,  the spaceship (north of CoExist), lighthouse and hummingbird



West of you near Brooksville is the giraffe


In the Citrus section of the state forest the cross. These are traditional caches, and although they appear strung along forest roads, there's so much walking back and forth from road to cache to road that it works to just park once and walk 'em



And well done as geoart, the Lake Okeechobee Bass, these are suited to a hot summer's day, not much terrain in finding them.  https://www.geocaching.com/map/default.aspx?lat=26.77002&lng=-80.90387#?ll=26.77002,-80.90387&z=14


you can just pan and zoom on the geocaching.com map and find more - there is more ;-)

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