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Being too impatient?


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I submitted caches for review on the 1st of May. Having hidden over 200 caches already, I know to add as much detail as possible so that the reviewing process can go smooth. I explained the hide, the puzzle, stated that the cache is on public land, no harm was done to anything...etc. I know the normal waiting period is about 7 days. It is now 12 days later and I haven't heard anything from our reviewers. I added another reviewer note on the 8th to enquire on how long the process will take more or less, as we are super excited to see our caches go life. No response from the reviewers. Yesterday I added another reviewing note, still no response. I was very polite in all the notes, as I understand that reviewing is a voluntary action. But now I am wondering if they even saw my unpublished caches? On the top of my listing is a green bar with the message "your cache has been submitted for review". At the bottom of my listing is 6 messages from myself, and nothing from the reviewers. How should I handle the situation? 

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....And I have been impatient too quickly.  Reviewing of the caches have started! So keep a look out for some new caches almost ready to pop up on the map. :D


 I am very greatful for the work our reviewers put in to make this hobby of us possible. Thanks to all our reviewers. 

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