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Coming this summer. A cache hunt to challenge the mind, body, and soul.


There will be a total of 5 (count em) 5 caches.


There will be two sides to this hunt.


there will be a family side with 3 of the caches compromising the following:


(this is also cache number one for the "challenge side) Cache #1 difficulty rating 1-1.5/ terrain 1-1.5


cache #2 will require specific items in addition to the gps to find this one. Details to given at time of activation of the cache.

difficulty 2-2.5 terrain varying 1-3

This cache all will have the same starting point as challenge side cache #2.


Cache #3 difficulty rating 1-1.5 terrain 1-2


Challenge side: (this is the one you have all been waiting for.


Cache #1 difficulty rating 1-1.5, terrain 1-1.5

You will be required to count something and add it to find the second cache.


Cache #2 Same starting point as family side cache #2 but that is all they have in common. Be prepared to get beat up spit out and thrown to the dogs. Terrain 4-5 difficulty 4-5


Cache #3 difficulty rating 5 terrain 5-oh my god

There will be 1-3 way points for this one (yet to be determined)

This is the bonus cache. This cache will be the one that makes or breaks you litteraly. This will be the cache that will make you wish you were never born. You will question as to why you ever decided to do cacheing in the first place. This will also be the cache that will pay off to the first one to find it. No it is not a one time only cache, there is just a bonus to the first person to find it. We will talk about that in a little bit though.


Each cache already has a name yet I choose not to give them as they may give away the location. But they will all be themed.


This will be the cache I wish I could debut with and may very well do that...but I may place some before them cuz I might not be able to help myself.



Now to the bonus cache. This cache will contain atleast the following items.


A dvd of a blockbuster hit.


Several cd's


Cash (amount to be determined)


Test drive 5 pc game


Several other pc games (yet to be determined)


There will be several other items in here.


And the first person to get to it will take a sealed envelope...in that envelope will have my personal email addres (other than the one I use on here with is my fiance's).and there will be a seven digit number. You will be required to sign the log book stating that you have taken the envelope as I do not want tons of email from people claiming they were there first. Hence the 10 digit number......if you lose it then you dont get the first person bonus.


now you will email me with this number and then I will send you .....dinner for two at tony romas steakhouse. (this will be payable in a gift certificate for 20 bucks).



Each cache will have all good stuff in it to start with ...I would ask everyone to hide it as good as they found it (or hide it better). Also please respect a take one leave one rule...not take two and leave one or none. If you have nothing to give then please just sign the log book.


The distance will be considerable from me so I would also ask that you do any maintenance to the caches that will need to be done as If I can only get to this area maybe 3 times per year.




on the family side...there will be extra easy hints to guide you to them.





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Originally posted by Waynepdx:

.....dinner for two at tony romas steakhouse. (this will be payable in a gift certificate for 20 bucks).




dinner for TWO?!!!!!

can i order an onion blossom? can i pay the wait-staff to pretend it's my birthday?


If there's gravity, then how you explain birds?!?

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The Ape Caves cache was a pretty fun one. In no means was it a 5/5 difficulty area though. It's a pretty simple trek through the caves with only mild rock climbing. It is fun and I recommend that cache to everyone. Technically, you don't even have to venture into the caves if you don't want to, but that's the whole fun of the cache.


When we went, on our way back to the car there were some Japanese tourists there at the ranger station. They asked us where we got our lights (nice big, yellow ones) and if we rented them or not. I told them the nearest place to get a light would probably be Cougar which was a good half an hour away. It was already getting dark (like it matters when you're in the caves), and the ranger station wouldn't rent them a lantern because they were closing in 15 minutes. We felt bad for the poor people who were probably on vacation to this spot from a long ways away, so we gave them one of our flashlights and told them to enjoy the caves. They were very, very thankful and it made us feel great.


Anyways, yeah, the Ape Caves is a cool cache.


buneatg.gifI am the Rabbit King, I can do anything

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