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Make own hiking map of selected area with elevation lines for Garmin GPSMAP64st

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I’m desperate and I hope someone can help me out.

I use my GPSMAP64st just for geocaching only and I’d like to have a map with enough details for hiking (so including the small paths that can be walked included). Also I’d like to have elevationlines on the map as well. I live in The Netherlands close to the German border and our favourite country for season holiday is Austria. Currently I have already two maps installed on my device (openmtb and OFM Austria). However, I can’t remember how I created these maps but it’s a fact these maps are in separate files (gmapsupp.img and gmapsupp2.img) which is supported by my device

Therefore I’d like to have a map the complies to the following:

  • Map of The Netherlands
  • About 100km from the Dutch border into Germany
  • Austria (Voralberg, Tyrol) 
  • The route between The Netherlands and Austria.
  • The map should have elevationlines.

This is what I already tried:

I also noticed that the maps on the sites mentioned about have bad color usage so it’s hard to see the difference for instance between suburb and nature areas. Apparently I did something the my old maps to change colors that made it more easy to see the difference between the areas (see attachment for the colors I use currently).

I hope it’s clear what I’m looking for and I hope someone can help me to get this:


Please help.

Thanks in advance.


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These are not really the best forums for this subject.  Go here: https://forums.gpsfiledepot.com/index.php

I've made maps for the last 13 years.  I've always used GPSMapedit and cgpsmapper so I've no experience with the specific programs you are discussing.  It sounds like you are trying to hack together large maps with tools that are not really meant to do it.  I suspect that you really need to get more hands on with the data.

I thought that if you choose "routable bicycle" at OSM, you get topographic lines.



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