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Coins for sale

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I have decided to thin out my Geocoin collection.

PayPal for payment.  $10.00 each. Shipping USA only $3.00, $1.00 each additional coin. If buying more than a few coins I will get a shipping price from the post office.


Unactivated Coins:

~2009 Groundspeak Lackey

~2012 Groundspeak Lackey/Nickel

~2013 HQ Logbook & Travel Tag

~ Geoswag CPC March 2014 Steampunk Dog/ Gold

~January 2006 Signal Black Nickel

~2013 Signal The Frog Holiday Package

~2005 Connecticut One Thousand Caches

~Autism Heart/ Black Nickel

~The Golden Age of the Heavy Horse Original Sample/trackable/Antique Gold


Activated Coins (adoption requests will be sent when payment is confirmed) I purchased these coins new, They have been kept in an album/protective sleeve.

Set of 5 Thinking Cap Coins 

~Green-Ambition/ Nickel  

~Brown-Choices/ Antique Copper

~Red-Courage/Shiny Gold

~Blue-Ingenuity/ Antique Silver

~Yellow-Persistence/  black nickel finish and a glow Moon, Star & Saturn


~You Want  Fries With That Geocoin

~Burger Geocoin

~Cola Geocoin


~2006 Stars #1 Orion the Hunter

~2006 Stars #2 Aquila The Eagle

~2008 Stars #3 Ursa Major Little Bear


~Geopuppy XLE Soft enamel gold

~Geopuppy LE Nickel


~Wolfpack Christmas Version/Black Nickel

~WolfPack Harvest Moon


~Anasazi Spirit Dweller/Spiced Yime version Nickel

~Luck of the Irish/Shiny Gold

~Minelab Ultimate Geocaching Hunt Geocoin






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