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    Coins for sale

    Hello, I have decided to thin out my Geocoin collection. PayPal for payment. $10.00 each. Shipping USA only $3.00, $1.00 each additional coin. If buying more than a few coins I will get a shipping price from the post office. Unactivated Coins: ~2009 Groundspeak Lackey ~2012 Groundspeak Lackey/Nickel ~2013 HQ Logbook & Travel Tag ~ Geoswag CPC March 2014 Steampunk Dog/ Gold ~January 2006 Signal Black Nickel ~2013 Signal The Frog Holiday Package ~2005 Connecticut One Thousand Caches ~Autism Heart/ Black Nickel ~The Golden Age of the Heavy Horse Original Sample/trackable/Antique Gold Activated Coins (adoption requests will be sent when payment is confirmed) I purchased these coins new, They have been kept in an album/protective sleeve. Set of 5 Thinking Cap Coins ~Green-Ambition/ Nickel ~Brown-Choices/ Antique Copper ~Red-Courage/Shiny Gold ~Blue-Ingenuity/ Antique Silver ~Yellow-Persistence/ black nickel finish and a glow Moon, Star & Saturn ~You Want Fries With That Geocoin ~Burger Geocoin ~Cola Geocoin ~2006 Stars #1 Orion the Hunter ~2006 Stars #2 Aquila The Eagle ~2008 Stars #3 Ursa Major Little Bear ~Geopuppy XLE Soft enamel gold ~Geopuppy LE Nickel ~Wolfpack Christmas Version/Black Nickel ~WolfPack Harvest Moon ~Anasazi Spirit Dweller/Spiced Yime version Nickel ~Luck of the Irish/Shiny Gold ~Minelab Ultimate Geocaching Hunt Geocoin
  2. Thank you! My friend has collected 9 of these coins and we were trying to figure out which coins she is missing. There seem to be two Wolf Moon versions?? One that was sold to GC&PC members and there was one sold by Geoswag, different colors same name??
  3. Wow! More versions than I thought there were! Thank you!
  4. Can anyone tell me how many versions of the WolfPack 2 coins have been released so far and what those versions are? I think there are more than these versions?? GC&PC March 2014 Celtic Wolf-Wolf Moon GC&PC June 2014 Bonus coin April Pearl Moon Full Rose Moon Full Pink Moon Full Cold Moon Full Harvest Moon Thanks, I appreciate the help! Gdyup
  5. Beautiful....love these!
  6. I cancelled my membership in August and still have not received the June bonus coin. Anyone else still waiting?
  7. I arrived home last night from a long weekend and there was a package waiting for me. It came all the way from the Netherlands! I opened it up and was surprised to find a beautiful Halloween card, a personalized wooden nickel and not one, but two of the fabulous new Dalahorse Geocoins! I am absolutely thrilled to have two new additions to my stable of horse themed geocoins. Thank you so much Dofferson for your generosity and thoughtfulness!! Gdyup/Ann
  11. Count me in! I like horse & dog themed coins best but really I like all coins! EMAIL SENT: 9/4/14 NAME RECIEVED: MISSION SENT: MISSION ARRIVED: MISSION RECIEVED:
  12. Yay! This is great news!
  13. Just curious and wondering if anyone has heard anything about when we might recieve April and June's coins?
  14. Thanks Nevadanick!! These are exactly what I was looking for. I love this series. I have the multi version and would love to find the others.
  15. The coins you are referring to at Geoswag are micro's. The one I have is full sized and called 'Cache-Types-Multi Cache Geocoin' Maybe i can figure out how to post a picture.
  16. The coins you are referring to at Geoswag are micro's. The one I have is full sized and called 'Cache-Types-Multi Cache Geocoin' Maybe i can figure out how to post a picture.
  17. Does anyone know if there are more coins available in the Cache Types series? The only one I have found is Cache Types-Multi Cache Geocoin, which I really like a lot. This is a full size 1 3/4" coin. Does anyone know if there are others available in this series or if there are plans for others t be released? Thank you! Ann
  18. Ok, I will reserve the copper blue Version for you. Thank you so much!! :D :D :D
  19. I'm OK with whatever someone else wants. These are all nice, so any is OK with me. Happy to repay you whatever the cost. It is very nice that you help us out, but it should not be at a cost to you. --------------- Just need one or two is OK. Do not need a whole set. ------------------- Just a quick note, that this was a presale, so it will take a a few weeks before I have them in my hands. Uo to that time you can tell me who wants to get which coin ;-) I would really love the copper blue glitter version. I still have a glimmer of hope that maybe my pre order did go through for the other two versions!
  20. I tried but did not get a confirmation email. Thank you for trying to help me. I think I just give up. Filled out all of the form, only 2 versions left. Now ... There is no "- click at the end on the bottom on "Bestellung absenden" which means Send order" on the page. Also form does want to accept '1' or '16.00' in the quantity box. Second time in 24 hours Euro origin coins posted when we're off line, sold before we even get to messages. Maybe I'll just stay by the computer 24/7 ... ------------------
  21. Yes, exactly I need translation. The few words I do understand are not helping me figure out how to pre order What help do you need? Any translation?
  22. I would love to pre order the Mystic Pegasus coins but need some help with the website. Anyone?
  23. Gdyup

    eXplorist 310 help

    In map view there is a menu option to 'Show Compass' on the map. You can also choose from a few different compass styles. Do you have the full manual? http://support.magellangps.com/support/assets/manuals/OM_eXplorist_310.pdf Pages 18 and 19 seem like they would be helpful, if I'm understanding what you're asking. B. I was looking for the compass mode...not the map. I did figure it out, though it's a bit convoluted. I have to go to the cache description and from there go to map mode showing the destination, then hit menu and scroll way down to the dashboard for the compass mode. Long process...would be nice to find a shorter method.
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