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Johannesburg: Where to cache?


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I will be in Johannesburg for a week on business and may have an afternoon or two to do a little geocaching.  I'll be staying in the Melrose Arch area which looks to have a few caches, are there any other general areas which are deemed relatively safe to pick up a few caches?  I'm totally aware of the safety concerns and do not plan on venturing out alone or into areas I am unfamiliar with.

That being said, are there any recommendations of an area other than Melrose Arch that one could safely pick up a few caches?  There don't seem to be any virtuals and very few earth caches, really wish areas like this would have benefited from the recent virtual adds as those are great for travelers.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi PacificSlew

About 8km NW from Melrose Arch is Delta park, a nice open space filled with caches.  Running adjacent to it is the Braamfontein spruit... also provides a great outing.  But as you said, please be safe and aware of the area around you. And welcome to South Africa!  We hope you enjoy your stay!

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Thanks for the suggestion, I visited Delta Park as well as the near by Botanical Gardens.  Both were good places to visit with several caches to find at each location.  I now have new "Find Farthest from Home" - over 10K miles; as well as new "Find Farthest South" and "Farthest East" finds with this trip. :-)  

Thanks again!


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We are contemplating spending an extra night/day in Johannesburg arriving in the late afternoon on 18May19 and leaving in the evening of 19May19.  Before I make these arrangements, we were wondering if any of the local cachers might be available to take us caching that day.  If you don't recognize my geocaching name, you may be pleasantly surprised, just check out my profile.  Please email me at alamogul@outlook.com

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