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Trying to find an app that works with geocaching.com coordinates

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I'm a cub scout leader (hope that counts), and in desperate need of help before I go take the kids geocaching in *checks watch* 2 hours. I've tried to figure this out on my own, and I just can't. It's a rookie problem, but I'm too much of a rookie to fix it, apparently. :P 


Geocaching.com only shows its coordinates in degrees, decimal minutes. 
My GPS apps only shows coordinates in degrees, minutes, seconds or in decimal degrees.

I've spent about two hours trying to find a solution on my own, but the clock is running out.

Do you know either:

How to change Geocaching.com's settings to show degrees, minutes, seconds or decimal degrees, so that I can use my GPS app
A great GPS app that shows degrees, decimal minutes? I have not been able to find one, despite much googling.

Note: I would have thought that Google Maps would do this, but every time I enter the coordinates it "translates" them and puts them across the country, so that's not useful.

I will be so grateful if you can help me! Thank you in advance!

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