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  1. QMapShack kann das seit diesem Frühjahr auch (kleiner disclaimer: ich hab das implementiert ) Dieses Problem lässt sich (mehr oder weniger gut) durch Verwendung eines auf die eigenen Wünsche angepassten BRouter Profils in QMapShack lösen.
  2. Another small bug: There is no need for a second (and third and so forth) page, if I only have 7 archived hides.
  3. There is also this page, but the link from there to 'learn more' is dead.
  4. Since I thought that this was a little mystery to solve, I made some research: The "mysterious stranger" does exist and is here: https://www.geocaching.com/p/default.aspx?u="mysterious+stranger"&tab=lists#profilepanel There are several geocaches with the title "." from pre 2007 (As that was the last time that mysterious stranger was online) you might look through them yourself to find the geocache you look for.
  5. Was genau meinst du mit weiterblättern?
  6. I think I read they once did some years ago, but then couldn't or didn't want to keep it up. But I can't give any source to that nor was I around at that time.
  7. Stimmt, daran hatte ich auch nicht gedacht
  8. Am einfachsten ist es, wenn du einen GC Code in der Dose findest, dann ist dir Seite des zugehörigen Geocaches coord.info/GCXXXX Ansonsten kannst du natürlich auch das Profil von den Findern raussuchen und bis 2015 zurück scrollen bis du ihre Funde an dem Tag an dem sie den Cache gefunden siehst.
  9. Thank you very much! With the 5km tool my areas are 381.5 km^2 and 327.9 km^2 big
  10. As far as I know, logging from the locus app is a Pro feature, which is why I don't use it.
  11. In this thread @arisoft posted a link to his cool Challenge Checker for your geocaching territory. I wondered how big these territories get, so it would be nice if you post your territory sizes! I have one with 206.9 km^2 and one with 121.6 km^2. Maybe @arisoft can even create a checker with 5km max distance, since 3km is a bit short for sparsely cached areas.
  12. The second one from your list does everything you want to (I am not sure about routing) and is free and open source, however it violates Groundspeaks Terms of Use. The other possibility that can definitely do everything you want is "Locus Maps" (as @kunarion already mentioned) with the Geocaching Add-On. Routing (using brouter), Maps (if you don't take their maps but those from OpenAndroMaps.org) and Geocaching (mostly) is free, however to log from the app you have to pay.
  13. Ich nehme meine Karten für das GPS immer von http://openmtbmap.org Zum planen habe ich erstelle ich mir mittels mkgmap eigene Karten, die ich theoretisch auch auf das GPS laden könnte. Falls du dich also etwas eingehender mit dem Thema beschäftigen möchtest, dann wäre das auch ein Option.
  14. You could take a look at QMapShack. As maps you could use openstreetmap based maps from various sources. This would work worldwide, not only in Canada.
  15. Did anyone else get these buttons (they're not clickable though) under logs? The only place I get them is this listing.
  16. This is only available in the Website as far as i know.
  17. Besides Basecamp there is also QMapShack, which you can use to plan trips. However its learning curve is a bit steeper. You can get map files based on openstreetmap which are mostly free.
  18. Ansonsten könnte es noch sein, dass Start und Endpunkt identisch sind. Aus irgendeinem Grund geht das Hochladen dann auch nicht.
  19. When I try to access any page on geocaching, I get thrown to the sign in page and after I entered username and password the page just loads. Sometimes I get a server error 500, sometimes it will try to load endlessly. Does anybody else get this?
  20. This Bug still exists, are there any plans to fix it?
  21. I think this is a great improvement, but what I am currently missing on the map is a scale and the openstreetmap maps, since the geocaching map still has a lot of potential for improvement.
  22. Also, Earthcaches can be hidden away from home, if you visited the place in the last three months.
  23. I think including heartrate data is a bit of an overkill. Also, if I do 10 100m sprints and then look for a park and grab, from the heartrate it would be T4.5, but that has nothing to do with how hard it was to get to the Cache. I think the current system works pretty well. (I only had Geocaches yet, on which I would have put a lower T rating) However, if it isn't in the description anymore, I think it should be put back, that terrain rating includes how you reach the Cache once at the coordinates.
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