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Etrek 10 help

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Hi all,

Is there anyone in the new forest area who can show me how to use the basics of an etrek 10!! Ive brought a second hand one as a xmas present to myself because I read they were simple to use, but for someone like me who is not the best at anything technological its quite tricky. 

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I would suggest starting with reading thru the manual.  Just google "eTrex 10 manual".  Then practice a few things like entering a waypoint, using the compass, etc.  Once you actually use it in the field a few times it will make more sense.  If you have specific questions that the manual doesn't address or just want someone to walk you through it, go to a local event (meet and greet) and ask if anyone there can show you stuff.


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Do a google search , there's loads of help out there, including videos which may be a good way for you to absorb the info. The official manual is rubbish though!

There's a simple text walk through the main features here

I don't think that tells you how to get a cache into the device ro play with though ...simplest way (simplest to explain that is ) is :

Click on the download GPX file button on a cache page,

Get that caches file on your desktop,

Plug the etrex into the computer, it should pop up as a usb device (you may have to select how it behaves the first time: if so select 'mass storage device ' or similar),

Click on the device to open it, you should see a folder called 'GPX'

Drag & drop the cache's GPX file into the etrex's GPX folder, and Robert's your mother's brother

One useful bit of info :  waypoints are not the same as geocaches .. that confused me no end when I got my first Garmin !

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