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Can't Change Picture in Kit

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The cartridge was working and two cachers have successfully done it.  But, one made a suggestion I thought was an improvement.  It required changing the picture associated with the description of Zone 1.  I had this problem on Zone 6 (the final zone) earlier while developing the cartridge.  After doing many things then attempting to change the picture it finally changed, but not this time.  The correct picture shows in the development environment but in the emulator it's still the original picture.  I've tried deleting the picture entirely then closing the browser and coming back (I found more than one thing during development that closing the browser got working) but nothing helps. 

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Maybe I don't understand how the description is supposed to work.  Sometimes is shows in the emulator, other times it doesn't.  To overcome this I added a comment at the beginning of the Zone 1, but the emulator is ignoring this comment and going directly to the question.  Also, I decided to add a comment to the beginning of Zone 2. The emulator is ignoring this comment as well. 

UPDATE:  After closing my browser and going back the emulator now sees both comments. DeeDeeDee . . .you have entered the Twilight zone.

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The zone's description only shows when someone clicks on the zone in the "locations" section in the player.

So... do we have another problem here with the pictures?  It's supposed to work this way: click on the picture, click on whatever other one you want (it will highlight in orange), and click the "select" button.  The picture should update in the zone's description.  When you're done with everything, click the "Save" link at the top of the page to save what you've done.  Kit will remember your changes for a while, just in case you refresh the browser window or accidentally close the browser.  However, you do have to save your work.

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Well, I'm confused.  I have done everything I can think of to make the Zone 1 description picture change.  Sometimes the description shows in the emulator and sometimes it doesn't but the picture in the description appears when you actually begin the cartridge and before you choose Play.  Here is a screen capture of what appears when you start the cartridge in an iPhone.  It's the wrong picture -- the one I occasionally get when going to Zone 1 in the emulator.



Here's the correct picture that's in the description of Zone 1 in the development environment on your website.  This (correct) picture does appear as it should in the first message in Actions, but this is only after you click Play followed by clicking Location to start the game.  Being a little repetitive, the same words and same picture are in both the Description and Message of Zone 1 but, as you can see, the correct picture does not appear when you load the cartridge. 


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Let me joke for a moment.  When I opened this thread, it took me to the end of your post.  I saw the picture of the bank and immediately wondered if someone had posted an advertisement to the forum and I should hide the post.  Then I saw it was from you and realized what it was.  Ha, ha.

So, anyway, let's start with a term from Wherigo.com: cartridge poster.  This is the image that is shown in your first screen shot.  Usually--but not all the time--this is also the image uploaded to represent the cartridge on Wherigo.com.  The cartridge poster is different from the first zone's picture.  I need to establish that as fact.  So when you load the cartridge, like in the first screen shot, you see the cartridge's poster.  When you start playing the cartridge and see the first zone, you can go to the zone's description and see the picture for that zone there.

I needed to make that distinction.  So, in your cartridge in Kit, we go to the first zone, your starting location, and we see the picture of the bank.  That's good.  So where's the cartridge poster?  Well, on the left panel of the screen, above the timeline, you can see the tool "Edit Cartridge Listing".  Click that.  This will show you a dialog with your cartridge poster.  You can click the poster and choose the bank as your image.  Click the "Update" button and make sure you click the save link at the top of the page.  After that, you can download (or build) your cartridge and upload it as a new version at Wherigo.com.


For as many questions as you want to ask, I'm here for you.  Sometimes, it takes me a little while to respond due to work and my schedule.  Other times, I can reply shortly after you post your question.  I do appreciate your patience.

(I've never been to Texas except due to layovers.  Perhaps I should remember Houston if I ever can find people to do some caching with or show me around.  I'm still tired of caching alone.)

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Thank you very much!  I understand now -- sort of.  One (hopefully) last question.  There's an image on your site called the ICON and another you are calling the POSTER and another on the this website, in the upper left corner of the cartridge page, that's also called the POSTER.  Could you explain how these are different and what each one does? 

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