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How do I Embed pictures in cache description


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I am creating a mystery (?) cache and want to post pictures in the description. I create the cache description with pictures in MSWord and copy and paste into the description. When using Chrome, it says Chrome does not permit pasting from clipboard. When using IE, the pictures appear however; when I click save, no pictures show up in the description, only the picture file name.



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  1. This is what I do.
    Step one: upload the image to the cache page, make sure to name it.

    Step two: On the cache page find the link to the picture.
    Click double click on it to open it.

    Step three: copy the Http address. Hilite the address and copy it.
    then click the back button on your browser.

    Step four: Open Notepad on your computer not Word!!
    Word may cause strange things to happen.
    Type this line of code into notepad.
    <center><img src="code goes here "></center>

    Step five: Between the " " marks hilite Code goes here then paste
    that Http address that you copied in this location.

    Step six: Now hilite that whole line of code and copy it.

    Step seven: on the cache page click on edit in Admin tools.

    Step eight: scroll down to the box long description.
    Paste that code that you copied here.

    Step nine: check yes on the two boxes at bottom of page
    and submit. then open your cache page. You should see what you created.

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