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Links in Weekly newsletter

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As this is happening for quite a while now and I didn't find any other posts on this, I'm well aware that the issue could have something to do with my email provider, yet even if it is so, I'm just curious to know, what could have caused it.

So, in all the email newsletters I've received since 18th April, all of the hyperlinks are broken. They look like this: 


All of them are exactly the same and it is this base64 string for a gif image apparently. Since April 18 newsletter about 3 million caches.

So, it was only some time after switching to the new newsletter format.

Since switching to the new newsletter format, the links were changed from normal links as well but they worked. In fact, the links were dodgy because they seemed to send my email address to some stats company, but they still worked. This is how links looked in the first few new newsletters: https://lnk.ie/1RPH7/e=ivss_xx@inbox.lv/https://www.geocaching.com/play/search?origin=home&radius=100mi&types=6,13,453,1304,3653,3774,4738,7005&pe=1&sort=PlaceDate&asc=True 


So, those, first giving my email address to the stats company, still would land me in the according geocaching page.  Still, seems dodgy that they just send my email address without my consent to somewhere.

The current one just results in an error.


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Hi ivss_xi, would you be able to include screenshots of the newsletter you are having trouble viewing? It would be helpful in diagnosing the problem since we have not been able to reproduce it on our end. Also, are you viewing on a desktop or mobile?

Please keep in mind that some of the links in the newsletter require you to be logged into your account in-order to properly see the results. 


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Sure. Attaching shots of the last newsletter. Viewing on Windows 10 desktop. Screenshots from Chrome but it's the same in IE and Firefox as well.

It's not about the results the links give but about the fact that the links are just broken for me completely.

(You cannot see the mouse cursor in screenshots but I'm hovering over a link in each of the instances and you can see the link data it gives for me at the bottom, the same thing for two different links, and it's the base64 code that I 've posted in my OP




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