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Old USGS info on Yosemite benchmarks available


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Some years ago, a nice person at USGS made printouts of old USGS survey mark reports for the Yosemite area to help me find them. I think the lists even include some marks that aren't in the NGS database. Some of the original reports are from 1905; most are from the 1930s and '40s. All of those were retyped up in 1969. Then there's a second set from the mid-'80s where USGS surveyors went back looking for those old marks.

The printouts are marked up with my handwritten comments, where I correlated the original and 1980s reports, and then noted whether I had found the mark. So they aren't pristine, but could still be very interesting to someone or other on this board. I'd be happy to send them to you for just the cost of postage. Let me know if you'd like them. A few sample photos are attached below.




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