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Girl Guide Event

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Hi everyone, I will be coordinating a geocaching training session at this years Provincial Girl Guide Camp. I would like to make this fun for the girls and an exciting learning experience. Any ideas are appreciated!!!

I was also wondering if any of you have any non activated trackable tags you wouldn't mind donating to the cause. Our budget is small and I have 170 plus girls. I was thinking of starting a geocache full of trackables and dividing the girls into groups so that they can watch their trackable travel the world over the years to come. The more trackables I can get the more fun this will be for the girls. I would need them by early Aug 2017 in order to plan the event.


Please mail them to

Girl Guides

PO Box 244

Port Blandford, NL Canada

A0C 2G0

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Hi SeeKGlobe, We would like to donate a few trackables to your Girl Guide geocaching training at Guide Camp. Please send a note to theoffice@sharkz.ca and Christie will package some up for you. /Helen

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I have 40 Best of the BAD event tags that I will try to get out tomorrow.  When is your event, so that I can hope that they get to you in time?


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