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issue on whereyougo:build in compass and timer

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I'm having an issue on my newly built cartridge when playing it on whereyougo on Android. It properly works on the iPhone.


It only happens if the cartridge is using a timer:

When using the application internal compass to navigate to a zone each time the timer elapses the compass jumps to unreal/wrong distance and bearing... depending on the hardware/OS level (?) it might jumps back after a few seconds to the correct values or stays on the wrong values.


More details including a test cartridge showing the issue can be found at:

Google Groups


BTW: if I use locus for navigating and use the compass provided inside locus everything runs fine and behaves as it should: no jumps of the compass, no unreal/wrong values.


My personal opinion is, that this is a bug in whereyougo or the underlaying OpenWIG library... I did some postings to make them aware of it, unfortunately until now without any success/feedback.


Is there anything I'm doing wrong in the cartridge ? Or is there anything I can do to prevent this problem ?




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