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Upcoming Logging Rule Changes

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As you may have learned from a community volunteer reviewer or from one of our API partners, in early to mid-April, we will begin enforcing changes to the logging rules through the user interface on Geocaching.com and the Geocaching® app. The changes take effect for Authorized Developers on May 8, 2017.


  • Cache owners will no longer be able to log a Find, DNF, Webcam Photo Taken, Needs Archived, or Needs Maintenance on their owned caches. However, event owners can log an Attended or Will Attend on their own events.
  • Players will no longer be able to log more than 1 (one) Find, Attended, Webcam Photo Taken, or Will Attend per cache. Players will still be able to change a Write Note to a Find if they have not already logged a Find on the cache.

These changes are not retroactive. Past logs are not affected.


Geocaching HQ will not be making exceptions to these logging rules for any specific caches.


We believe these changes will streamline the core logging structure of the game, address requests for these changes from the community, and reduce confusion for our newer community members.


We’ll share more details in the coming weeks.

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Edited to address questions about exceptions
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