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Building Wherigo - Windows 10


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I have a Win 10 laptop, want to create a new Wherigo cache, but the Wherigo builder from the official Wherigo site works only for old Windows XP etc...

It wont start without Net framework 2.0 on my comp, but this framework is outdated and not supported by Win10.


Also as I see the last update of the Wherigo builder was in 2008!!!


Are the people sleeping? It is 2017 and Wherigo is still one of the official cache types so it needs to have a modern builder where we can create a new Wherigo cache.


Any ideas where can I get the Wherigo builder for Win10 64-bit PC?

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Any version of .Net above 2.0 is backwards compatible. Feel free to use 4.6.


Don't forget to install the 64-bit fix and the map fix. I should really just create a new installer of the thing, but then there's that issue about distributing it.


The last update to anything regarding Wherigo, unless you count when Groundspeak fixed the login issue and the build issue, was in 2008. They're enamored with geocaching, so don't invest in Wherigo. Just dealing with them to try to develop Wherigo for them has been an exercise in saintlike patience. Anyway, the community does pretty well supporting itself. If you think Wherigo has gotten the short end of the stick, just look at Waymarking: their site hasn't changed ever since I started geocaching in 2006.


You could check out Urwigo for a more modern builder.


(By the way, it took me almost a week to notice your post had been automatically hidden by the forum because I check the main forum listing for new posts and it didn't show a new post in this subforum, so I never clicked on it. When the "print to gwl log" post was made today, the subforum's date was updated and I saw your post.)

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