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No longer getting notifications?

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I stopped getting e-mail notifications from Groundspeak sometime this fall - I used to get an e-mail every time someone found my cache or trackable, now I don't. And the notifications of new caches doesn't seem to work either. Did something change? I've checked my spam folder, re-checked my e-mail address in my profile. Can't figure it out. I get messages sent from other users, but not the notifications. Any one else have this problem?


- Anne (NancyDrewandJoe)

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Back in October I also had some trouble. Suddenly no notifications and I could not log cache finds.

There was a Monday component to this. On Monday after 8:00 am My email preferences on my profile page went blank.

I was forced to re- validate my account. This happened two weeks in a row. I did nothing to cause it.

After bringing this to groundspeaks attention it stopped. I do not know if they fixed it for me

or if it stopped on it's own. Try this go to your profile page and Click edit your profile.

Then click Email preferences. Make sure your email account is validated. If not you will need to do it again.

Also maybe give a second email account but only one may be set as primary.

Durring my issues I created a second email account to fix it the first time it went goofy.

The second time it went goofy I put my original account back in and set it as primary.

Things have been ok for about three months now. Good luck.

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