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Printing a Graph in Basecamp


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Google Earth, courtesy GPSBabel, will read some encodings of Heart Rate, Crank Cadence, Power, Temperature, and other things that can be correlated with location. Right click, terrain profile,and you're there. Screen grabs are possible, though I'll admit that hardcopy isn't exactly a key goal in presenting such dynamic data.


I kind of happen to be responsible somewhat for both, so perhaps I should feel bad for the plug, but they're both free, so dock my moderator wages if they miss expectations. But everyone in this conversation so far knows those connections...

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In GE , Right click on track, choose Elev Profile and I see Elevation, Distance, and Speed all plotted but nowhere do I see an option to add Heart Rate.

I've verified that the data is in the GPX file.

Data is downloaded from a Montana 650 into Expert GPS, then that track copied to a separate file, then that file opened in GE.

HR data is from Garmin chest strap by Ant+ to the Montana.


Problem Solved-Same GPX file saved from BC in GPX format shows HR Data,,,,so problem is EGPS problem.

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I've only spent 10 years working on Earth and 15 on GPSBabel, so maybe I'm confused. I pulled the the gtrnctr_power.gpx file from the reference/track directory of GPSBabel (which is probably 6 years old at this point; it came from Training Center from a cyclist not too far from Google HQ) into production Earth, but it matches my mental model of the geography (and thus, crank cadence and heart rate) in that area. It's using the Garmin GPX Extensions v3 and TrackPointExtensions v1 - as I said, it reads "some encodings" and not just any ole set of angle brackets. HR and Cadence are displayed.


I don't know what "EGPS" is. If you have a file you'd like placed under the microscope, please PM me. I shall cast my scepter of judgement upon it. It's certainly a goal of mine (and thus, GPSBabel and Google Earth) to read data from a Montana 650 and display it in a useful format.

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