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Additional Email Links on Profile Pages - Greasemonkey script

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Because of the Email-problems in the last days on Waymarking.com, on suggestion of Tante.Hossi, I made another simple Greasemonkey script to allow for simple, alternative contact options to other waymarkers via geocaching.com. Therefore, on all profile pages (except your own one!) the following additional links are inserted:


  • Email form on geocaching.com
  • Message center on geocaching.com
  • Profile of the user on geocaching.com


Currently, emails on Waymarking.com appear to be fixed and working fine. Nevertheless, maybe someone sees the additional links as useful, e.g. to prefer the new messaging center instead of the old email form. In addition, you're prepared, when the email-system of Waymarking.com breaks next time... ;)


Link to script:


ExtendProfilePages.user.js (Version 1.0)


Installation on Firefox:


  1. Install Greasemonkey Addon
  2. Click / open the script link and confirm script installation
  3. Maybe you'll have to enable the script in about:addons > User scripts


Installation on Chrome:


  1. Install Tampermonkey extension from Google web store
  2. Click / open the script link
  3. A Tampermonkey-page should open with information about the script. Hit the Install-button on that page.

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Wow thanks for the fast development of this needful script.

I dealed with this idea since a long time. Now, because of the actual email problems, it was time to create it.


It works fine and does the things as expected.

Now it is easy to use the new messaging system within Waymarking.

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