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3l diesel

editing of logs

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Hi All,


Quick question, a few minutes ago, I logged a visit to a waymark. Looking back on the task completed, I clicked on my visit and discovered a grammatical error of not starting a sentence with a capital letter. Can I correct this (as well as any discovered spelling mistakes)?

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A good question and I thougt the answer is easy.

So I tried.


Good answer:

It is possible to edit a visit log.

At the right navigation go to 'My Visits'.

There you can edit all logs.


Bad answer:

It is only possible to edit a log within the first 24 hours. Later the log is loked and can not be edited.

(Once a log has been in the system for 24 hours it can no longer be edited (but can still be archived).)


I didn't knew this. But now I know!

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